MyTopo MapPass provides outdoor enthusiasts and industry professionals with affordable access to up-to-date mapping information and a powerful suite of mapping tools. Your MapPass includes a Digital Map Warehouse to give you instant access to over 55,000 USGS topographic maps and over 100,000 satellite images.

MapPass Features

With MapPass, you get all the features you need to produce an unlimited supply of customized topo maps and aerial photos, for only $29.95 per year.

National Coverage! Over 55,000 USGS Topo Maps
Your MapPass subscription includes access to every USGS topo map in the 7.5' (1:24,000 and 1:25,000), 15' (1:63,360 in Alaska) and 30' x 60' (1:100,000) series.

The topo maps are enhanced with 3-D relief shading, which you can turn on and off.

Satellite Imagery
MapPass provides instant access to hundreds of thousands of high-resolution aerial photos. These highlight details you can't see on an ordinary map.

Pick out individual trees, trails, and landscape features... See every bend and inlet in the river.

Professional Output Options
Your MapPass gives you access to unlimited, customizable eMaps. These high-quality maps/photos are in Adobe PDF format for professional output and include GPS grids for easy outdoor navigation. Choose your scale and print size (up to 11" x 17") and create your map!
Powerful and Easy-to-use Customization Tools
More than just a map source, you can create your own maps with our customization tools. Add icons, text, trails, and outline boundaries with a few mouse clicks.

You can get exact GPS coordinates for every point, and measure distances and areas on any map!

GPS Referencing
Every map is georeferenced for use with your favorite GPS. Place waypoints using GPS coordinates, or read exact coordinates right from the maps.
Unlimited Map Saving and Printing
MapPass gives you an unlimited map supply. Save as many maps as you want, and get them from any computer with Internet access.
GPS Upload/Download Interface
MapPass is compatible with the GPX data format, allowing you to upload and download waypoints, tracks, and routes to and from your handheld GPS. Customize your maps, and download all your waypoints and detailed routes to bring with you!
Public Land Survey System
MapPass includes Public Land Survey System (PLSS) overlays for 30 states. You can match property legal descriptions to the section level and plot detailed boundaries on your maps.
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